Powder Coating

Powder Coating Finishes are thicker and more durable than traditional paint making them a perfect choice for a host of custom and industrial applications.  With thousands of colors, textures, and gloss levels available, imagination is virtually the only limit. 

 Check out the gallery for some examples of what is possible! 

High Temperature Coatings 

High Temp Ceramic and Polymer coatings are used throughout the racing world to both protect components and improve performance.  These coatings have corrosion resistance and heat retention properties, allowing a more efficient fuel burn and carrying heat away from the engine compartment, which in turn promotes longevity of every other engine component. 
  Deep Stage Coatings is an experienced applicator of many of the most popular industry offerings such as Cerakote, Duracote, Techline, and Zycoat.   

Tire Service 

On Site Tire Service*  is available.  For an additional fee, we will dismount and store tires while wheels are being coated, then remount them and balance the wheels. This is value added convenience for our customers that can save them both time and money.  

*We apologize,  we do not have the facilities available to allow vehicle drop off service.   Wheels with or without tires must be off the vehicle prior to drop off.   

Vapor Honing 

Vapor Honing is a Wet Abrasive Blasting procedure used for honing, cleaning, and restoring finishes on a variety of substrates.   It is a great option when rebuilding small engines and carburetors.